Inrceased Under Eye Wrinkles After Botox

I was injected botox 4 days ago in my crow’s feet and below my eyes. Now when I smile I have two swollen wrinkly bags under my eyes (kind of like a chipmunk look). These bags became noticeable 2 days after the injection. Is this normal? How soon it will go away? Appreciate your advice. Thank you very much! Laura

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Undersireable results of Botulinum Toxin (Dysport and Botox) around the eyes

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There may be two reasons for the observed findings: 1) swelling due to the immediate injection which may resolve by 7-10 days or 2) muscle imbalance which may take 4-6 months to resolve.

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Botox and lower eyelid bags

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some of the Botox might have affected the lower eyelid muscle if you now have bags. There is no good treatment of this except for Tincture of Time. If you're patient, the undesired result should fade away.

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Botox should NOT be injected directly under the Eyes

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While seductively simple, Botox does not tolerate stupidity and Anatomic ignorance. Botox will cause a 4-5 month paralysis of a facial muscle it is injected or placed in.  For this reason, it should be placed by a person who knows facial anatomy and the interplay between various facial structures.

The omega shaped muscle under the eyelids, the Orbicularis oculi, starts in the inner corner of each eye and arcs back to it creating a thin loop in the process. When this muscle contracts either partially (smile) or completely (a piece of dust or sudden eye irritation), it wrinkles the skin directly over the contracting muscle. While careful Botox placement along the outer corner of the eye will paralyze THAT portion of the muscle and prevent it on smiling from creating the Crow's Feet wrinkle pattern, you do NOT want to place Botox elsewhere along the muscle.
- around upper lid - will cause dropping of the lid with a really tired sleepy look
- around the lower lid will weaken the muscle and take away its ability to keep eye socket (orbital) fat inside the eye socket. The result - forward pushing of the fat against a limp lower lid muscle with a baggy, swollen tired lower lid look.

For Best results Botox should be injected by doctors.

To understand EVERYTHING you need to know about Botox, follow the informative link below -

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