I get ingrown THICK Grey & Black hairs with infected pores along w/Whiteheads & blackheads. What recommendations would you give?

50 year old white male w/thick beard. Always had issues w/acne & ingrown hairs but was able to keep clear w/Salicylic Cleanser & Pads until recently. Derm prescribe this but not working.... - Mino 100 MG/2X, Clindamycin w/BP (am) , Rentin A (PM) - Doxy 100 MG/2X, Sod Sulfac-Sulfer 9-4.5% & metronidazole (AM) BO Cleanser & Rentin A (PM) Thinking about stopping everything & returning to Salicylic Cleanser & Pads. Inquired about Accutane but the Derms are very reluctant to prescribe. HELP!

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