Infected Drain Site when the Drains Were Removed? What's Going on It Looks Nasty? (photo)

I had my drains removed yesterday and my right side looks yellow and very red around it. Also it's bleeding as well and I noticed a secondary hole under the hole where the drain used to be. What's going on with it? It looks extremely mays to me and I'm kinda grossed out. Is this normal at all? My left drain site looks ok but definitely is a huge difference compared to my right. Is it infected? How should I treat it and make it look better? Thank you and sorry for the blurry pics. I did my best.

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Infected Drain Site when the Drains Were Removed? What's Going on It Looks Nasty?

These are issues that need to be seen and discussed with your chosen surgeon ASAP. I might treat the drain area with antibiotics and aggressive wound care. Best to be seen.//

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Very common

It's very common for drain sites to look a little "nasty".  Fortunately though they RARELY become infected.  Washing it with soap and water and a little triple antibiotic cream is all they usually need to heal.  If the skin were to develop redness that began to spread around the hole, that could mean that it is becoming infected and you would have to see your surgeon.

Daniel Careaga, MD
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Infected Drain Site when the Drains Were Removed? What's Going on It Looks Nasty? (photo)

It is not uncommon to have granulation tissue form from the drain...the longer the drain is in the more irritated the skin becomes around the drain site. Place some antibiotic ointment and keep it clean, if the redness gets worse or does not resolve them go see your doctor. 

Constance M. Barone, MD
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Drain site should clear up

Thanks for your pic and ? Looks like there is some separation and irritation where the drain exited through the lateral part of the incision. Now that the drain is out, the friction from the drain is eliminated. I usually have patients just place some Bacitracin ointment over the site. It usually seals up and quits draining in 24-48hrs. If the redness were to increase or the drainage look like pus then you need to call your plastic surgeon. Best of Luck! 

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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