After 4 sessions of diode laser HR why i am getting denser facial hair growth and thicker hair than ever? (photo)

The machine used is asclepion diode laser technology. I have wheatish complexion and my hair growth has increased after 4 sessions. Does laser have this side effect of stimulating hair growth? I have also heard that after complete treatment more more hair grow on face in a year or two, is it true? I am scared to continue it.

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Paradoxicall Hair Growth

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I would stop treatment immediately. The face is a difficult place to treat. Facial hair is very fine and is difficult to attract to the laser. The laser might be stimulating hair growth, known as Paradoxical hair growth. I do not treat facial hair that often for this exact reason.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Paradoxicall hair growth

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this is a rare complicaten of laser hair removal specially in skin type 4,5 

The only way is to treat with higher intensity but then there is higher risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation 

I highly recommend to stop the treatment and see  a very expert physician 

Reza Akef, MD
Toronto Physician
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Fine hair on dark skin - probably shouldn't get LHR

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I wouldn't treat anymore. This is very difficult to treat because the hair is too fine to get attracted to the laser. Paradoxical hair growth is a real phenomenon and is likely happening. I rarely treat facial hair, and when I do, it's always lighter skin individuals.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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