Reduction of the gap between the eyebrows. (photos)

I want to reduce the gap of the point where the nose is starting to grow from the forehead. If I pinch that part of the skin, I'm getting the result. What procedure is best suited for me? Also my eyebrows are droopy. I need a forehead lift. Can the two process occur simultaneously? Also I have bags under eyelids. But I'm 20. Is there any way I can remove the bags. They are hereditary and not caused by lifestyle disorder

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Reduction of gap between eyebrows

Removing skin between the eyes would be a surgical procedure that would create scars. A better option may be to consider other procedures like permanent makeup or even hair transplantation to the eyebrow so that the gap is diminished. Bags under the eyelids can be caused by a number of reasons. They can be addressed either using surgical or nonsurgical interventions such as fillers. It is best to be evaluated by a physician at an in-person consultation to determine what treatment would be best for you.

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Glabellar Brow Bone Reduction

Since you desire a brow lift, the bony width of the glabellar region between the eyebrows can be reduced through a pretrichial brow lift approach. Both procedures can thus be done at the same time.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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