My Face is Not Symmetrical?

i am 24 year old female.When i was10 i noticed that whenever i tried to open my mouth wide my left side face bone(under the ear) clicked.Soon i got to know i can't eat chewy food items as my left side face bone hurts.When i was 16 i realized my face is asymmetric. My jaw is not properly aligned. On great forcing my mom took me to an orthodontist as i got really depressed with this issue. He said that corrective surgeries are expensive and there is no surety of symmetry

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Correction of Facial Asymmetry

Your face is significantly asymmetric due to an underdeveloped left side. Your options include major orthognathic surgery by jaw realignment or a camouflaging approach by repositioning the chin bone, a left cheek implant and fat injections to the left side of the face. 

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Radiesse for Asymmetric face

You are correct that you have asymmetry of your face.  This is true to some extent with all faces.  I carefully review pre-treatment photographs with all of my patients so that they understand their facial asymmetries prior to any procedures being performed.

In your instance I would recommend improving the facial asymmetry with placement of long lasting Radiesse into your left cheek and mid face.  This product, although not permanent, will provide you improvement in your asymmetry for up to 18 months and then you may decide if you would like to repeat the injection or you could then proceed with autologous fat transfer or facial implant to attain more permanent results.

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Facial asymmetry.

The first thing you need is to see a dentist specifically trained about your bite. First comes function then cosmetic. After that submit photos so I can give a proper answer. Remember that the truest beauty comes from the inside--so try to smile as much as possible and people will see a Swan, not a duck

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My Face is Not Symmetrical?

What you are describing sounds very much like "Hemifacial Microsomia" which is an asymmetrical development of the facial structures, bone, muscle, soft tissue, everything, but mostly the bony structure.  The orthodontist whom you saw obviously did not spend adequate time with you to explain this to you.  You need to see a maxillofacial surgeon.  And please change your user name "sad_ugly_duckling", because life is not all about appearance, it is primarily about character.

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