Will Taking Pain Killers Affect Blood Test That Are Needed Before Cheek Augmentation Surgury?

If someone was taking prescribed pain killers can it effect the results of the blood test in any way? Or does it not even show up?

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Will taking pain killers affect blood tests before cheek augmentation?

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I would just be sure to mention to your doctor that you were taking the pain medication.  Each physician decides which blood tests to order before a surgical procedure, so I'm not sure exactly which tests would be done in your case.  The tests ordered could also be influenced by your medical history and general health.  If only the most basic of tests was ordered, then the pain medication most likely would not affect the results. 

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Painkillers and blood tests

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  The Narcotic painkillers will not affect  any blood test other than the actual narcotic levels that are circulating in the blood stream at the time of the testing.

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