Incision Itching at 6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck. What Can I Do?

I am 6 weeks post op tummy tuck and my incision is itching like crazy. What can I do?

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Tummy Tuck Itching

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Maximal scar is at 6 weeks. This is the time when the tissues are red, swollen, and pruritic. A cortisone cream of prescription strength is indicated.

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Itching after tummy tuck

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Its normal to have some minor incision itching after any kind of surgery, but I would have your surgeon evaluate the incision to make sure you are not developing an allergic reaction to a dressing or tape.

Itching along Tummy Tuck Incision?

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It is very likely that the itching you are experiencing is a normal part of healing/nerve regeneration. Nevertheless, it would be best for you to be seen by your plastic surgeon to rule out an issue such as allergy which may cause “itching like crazy”.

Anti-histamine medications may be helpful in treating the itching. Otherwise you may have to  hang in there as a healing process continues.

Best wishes.

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