Had Implants, Can I Use Invisalign Later? (photo)

I just have implants last month, July 2012. I have no permanent crowns yet because I have to wait for another 3 months to see if it will be ready. (I don't know all the dentists' technical terms, sorry..). My question is, can I use Invisalign after everything is permanent with my implants? Attached here is the X-ray of my implants and one root canal. Please advice, really need opinions on what i should do and expect. I hate my teeth. Thank you in advance.

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Invisalign After Implants

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Since you already had the implant fixtures placed, now would be the ideal time to move your other teeth with Invisalign or Braces, BEFORE you have the final crowns and abutments placed over the implants. Also, hold off on the final crown on the root canal tooth until after the ortho is complete.

New York Dentist

Invisalign after Implants

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Hi Falee,


Implants themselves are not a contraindication to Invisalign.  But the Implants themselves cannot be moved orthodontically (braces or invisalign) and so there may be some limitation to the movements and corrections available to you. 



Dr. Alper

Steve Alper, DMD
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Implants won't move

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But the others will.  Since the implants are in the posterior, you should expect to be able to move the front teeth only.  You may want to consider placing the final crowns on the implants after Invisalign treatment, ensuring that the bite will feel ok.

Implants and invisalign

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Your Dr after your exam can determine the effect of the implants on the final position of the other teeth that have to be moved. (implants can not be moved). It looks from you X-ray that your will not have any problems with treatment. Discuss with your Dr

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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