Implants Placed 3 Years Ago, Now Having Burning Sensation in Left Breast. Normal?

Hello, I've had mentor implants placed 2-3 yrs ago (500cc) and this past month I've had intermittent burning sensation in my left breast. I know sometimes burning is related to Infection. Should I be concerned? What should I do (tests/tx)? Thanks!

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Burning in breast

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Burning in a breast should be evaluated. It really can be many different things including  capsular contractures, and infections to name a few.

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Burning Sensation with Breast Implants

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Pain after breast implants is fairly common. Pain after 2-3 years, however, is probably related to a potential problem with the implants. As my colleague has stated, it is possible that you may be getting capsular contracture. This is a fairly common complication, that must be addressed by your plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, there are no specific tests to diagnose capsular contracture. A visit with a Board-certified plastic surgeon, and definitely the surgeon who performed the original procedure is a good move at this stage. Capsular contracture, if that is what is going on with your case, can be managed conservatively or surgically, depending on several variables. Make sure to do your research, find a reliable surgeon, and do the right thing. Good luck and fare well.

Burning three years after breast augmentation

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Are your implants saline or silicone?  Under or over the muscle? Are the capsules tightening?

It is not uncommon for pain to occur at the beginning of capsular contracture. Infection presents unambiguously with worsening symptoms including fevers and swelling.  More likely than infection would be early capsular contracture.  This can sometimes be nipped in the bud with oral medications usually used for asthma (singulair, accolate).

See a surgeon and get an opinion.  Consider the oral medications (minimum course is for a month) if the opinion is that this is due to the capsule.

Another cause of late development of pain is small angry nerves that get stretched as the breast ages.  In the absence of any definitive answer aggressive massage may help loosen scar and provide more comfort.

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