Which Implants for Anterior Cheek Augmentation?

Hi Submalar or malar implants? Can submalar shell from Implantech be used? I do not want lateral projection (can be minimal). thank you

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Cheek implants for anterior augmentation

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Cheek augmentation can be performed with a variety of implant shapes, malar, submalar, or a combination thereof.  Each implant shape is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.  Without photographs it is impossible to determine, which implants are necessary. A submalar implant is used for midface flatness and gives anterior fullness.  Malar implants are used for a higher deficiency that is more superior than anterior of the maxillary bone.

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Which Implants for Anterior Cheek Augmentation?

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 Aesthetically speaking there's not enough information to give you an accurate answer.  Are you male, female and what are do your cheeks look like at this particular time?  Without this information, there's no way to tell if you are even a candidate for Cheek Implants at all.

 Lateral augmentation, of the cheek, should always be limited aesthetically IMHO as this causes a broadening of the face that is not attractive.  I typically do not use submalar implants because I do not like the aesthetics that they provide to the cheeks but this is MHO.  

 Altering the facial skeletal structure with Cheek Implants can create a wonderfully, naturally and atractive look when the plastic and cosmetic surgeon understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  

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