Would a Cheek Implant Be Suitable for Fixing Asymmetry? (photo)

I asked on here before and got two replies that a cheek implant could possible fix my asymmetry. The left cheek seems to be larger and more convex than the right cheek. I think i have more fat and bigger muscles on left. I was wondering is close to near perfect symmetry possible with a cheek implant or am i being too unrealistic? I was also suggested fillers but i would like something that would be more permanent; can fillers be permanent solutions?. I plan on surgery within the next 3 months.

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Would a Cheek Implant Be Suitable for Fixing Asymmetry?

 I do many cheek augmentations with Cheek Implants and they can't make the face super  symmetric.  More importantly, symmetry is not what makes the face more attractive aesthetically IMHO.  Aesthetically speaking, your face has some excess fatty tissue, the chin is weak, the jawline angle is a bit weak and the cheeks are too wide and broad.  All of these areas, IMO, can be improved aesthetically with the proper focus on creating a naturally, more attractive face...not merely one that's more symmetrical.  Hope this helps.

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Cheek Implant For Facial Asymmetry Improvement

A cheek implant is definitely an option for improving facial asymmetry, depending upon the exact location and whether the asymmetry is due to a bone deformity or a soft tissue discrepancy. Your right cheek appears less full/convex and is in the cheek area where an implant has its greatest effect. (anterolateral width expansion) Synthetic fillers and fat injections are alternative options and can serve as a trial as to whether implant surgery would be effective. Their effects are temporary although repeated fat injections can be permanent. It is best to think of asymmetry improvement rather than the attainment of perfect symmetry from any procedure, that would be a realistic expectation.

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Would a Cheek Implant Be Suitable for Fixing Asymmetry?

Hello, I would suggest using a filler like Radiesse first because it lasts up to a year in some patients a little longer. If you like the correction ask you surgeon to do Stem Cell Fat Grafting for a more permanent solution. You may require a touch up but it is much more natural looking and feeling. A cheek implant will never look as good and you risk rejection, misplacement and infection. Good luck to you.

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Would a Cheek Implant Be Suitable for Fixing Asymmetry?

I would try fillers first as a very minor operation vs a cheek implant as a more involved operation. Also fat grafting might be a nice in between procedure to think about. 

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Cheek Asymmetry Common Surgical Solutions

Correcting Cheek Asymmetry
Without an exam or additional photos at different angles it is difficult to tell. However, from the one photo you provided, I think that a modest increased volume of your deficient cheek would be of benefit to restoring a more symmetric appearance. Cheek implants are permanent and predictable.  Fat Grafting (fat transfer) is also permanent but less predictable. Fat grafting is done by lipoinjection but not all of the transferred fat lives. Either method can improve your appearance.   You will have to weigh Fillers vs Fat Grafting or using an implant.

Pro: Fat Transfer by lipoinjection is more of a permanent solution as is use of an implant.                                 
    Con: Because the amount of fat that survives is variable you may need to do additional treatments. Further as the fat transferred behaves like fat from the donor site, if you gain a lot of weight the fat transfer will also increase with volume. Implants are foreign bodies and rarely can become infected or dislodged.

Pro: Fillers: such as Radiesse, Jeuvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra and others can give you an idea of your improvement and if you are unhappy with it, it will dissipate over time.  On the other hand, if you like what you see, then you may want to go ahead with fat transfer of placement of an implant.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Unilateral cheek implant to fix asymmetry

A unilateral cheek implant can certainly be inserted on the hypoplastic or weak side to augment and match the opposing cheek area.  Cheek implants come in different sizes and shapes depending upon whether the implant is malar, submalar, or a combination.  A consultation with a physical examination is the best way to address these issues since this is an operation based on millimeters.  A cheek implant is a permanent solution to the asymmetry in the cheeks and is often used when patients have an old cheekbone fracture or just a congenital asymmetry on one side.

William Portuese, MD
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