Ibuprofen 10 Days Prior to Surgery?

Hello, I'm 10 days away from my breast augmentation surgery and I need to take ibuprofen (have very bad menstrual cramps) for three days... Is this ok? If I stop 7 days prior to my surgery will I still be at risk from taking an anti inflammatory so soon before?

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Taking ibuprofen before breast augmentation is at the discretion of the surgeon.

I don't object patients taking occasional ibuprofen for pain prior to breast augmentation. This may differ with the opinion of your surgeon which you should follow.

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Ibuprofen 10 Days Prior to Surgery?

Tylenol would be a better choice. An OK to use ibuprofen should be honored only if it comes from your own surgeon. My OK would not prove helpful if your surgeon feels otherwise and sends you home to reschedule on the day of surgery.

All the best. 

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Ibuprofen before surgery

Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products that contain aspirin or ibuprofen can interfere with blood clotting.  It is best not to take them for ten days to two weeks prior to surgery.  Your risks for bruising or possibly even bleeding within the breast implant pocket (hematoma) might be increased because of use of these products.  I have had MANY patients who have either not read that warning in their pre-operative paperwork or just ignored it and they have done fine.  You should definitely let your doctor know, however, to see how he/she wants to handle it.

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Ask your surgeon

You should ask your surgeon about this. It may be okay, but you should get the okay directly from your surgeon. 

Why not take Tylenol instead?

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Breast augmentation

Speak to your surgeon.  Their opinion is what is most important.   Ibuprofen is not a good pain medicine at all.  Tylenol is a better choice for pain.

Ibuprofen Prior to Surgery: Not an Absolute Contraindication

If my patient takes ibuprofen a week or more prior to breast augmentation, I do no blood clot testing and proceed without worry.   The effects of ibuprofen are largely gone at 5 days.  Aspirin, on the other hand could be an issue less than a week prior to surgery.    Your doctor can do a platelet function study, a simple blood test, prior to your procedure if there are concerns.   Best wishes!

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Ibuprofen before surgery

The better choice is Tylenol.  Ibuprofen can increase your risk of bleeding during surgery.  The time table of when to stop taking it varies by surgeon's preference.  I would check with your doctor.

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Surgical Post Op Instructions

Contact your board certified plastic surgeon for specific post-operative instructions. Best of luck!

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Ibuprofen and breast surgery

It's very important you contact your surgeon for advice. There's no absolute answer but each surgeon will have their own policy.

All the best.

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