I Work in a Factory on a Assembly Line, How Soon Can I Return to Work from a Mommy Makeover?

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Mommy Makeover and recovery

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Every patient recovers at his/her own rate and every doctor has his/her own protocol for resuming routine and strenuous activities.  For my patients, I tell them that they can resume moderate activity as soon as they feel up to it but nothing strenuous for three weeks. After that, they can do pretty much anything they want to do.  My other advice is to use common sense.  If you are doing something and it hurts, don't do it!!

Mommy Makeover Recovery

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Hi there-

Your recovery restrictions will depend to a large extent on the details of your operation, the details of your work responsibilities, and your surgeon's preferences.

Generally speaking, you should be able to return to light work activities like answering phones and computer work after 2-3 weeks,  but more strenuous, physically demanding work would probably not be recommended until a full 6 weeks had passed.

The most important thing for me to tell you is for you to follow the advice of the surgeon performing your surgery. It would not be advisable (or smart, or safe) for you to follow the advice of any of us above that of the person who knows more about you and your surgery than anyone else. Provided you chose your surgeon for all of the right reasons, they are going to be the ones in best position to guide you to a smooth and safe recovery.

Recovery time for Mommy Makeover

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The "Mommy Makeover" is a combination of plastic surgery procedures aimed at restoring a women's figure after having children.  Most of my patients are interested in a tummy tuck and liposuction.  Some women want a breast lift or augmentation, and some request fat grafting to the hips and/or butt.  The recovery time will depend on which procedures you have as well as what your work entails.  You will definitely need a minimum of 2 weeks off work, but you may need more.  I generally recommend my patients plan on 3 weeks off.  It's usually easier to return to work a week sooner than it is to request more time off if recovery is progressing as speedily as you planned.

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Time off work after mommy makeover.

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As already indicated by Dr. Bresnick, mommy makeover may involve any one of a number of operations in combination.  Also different Plastic surgeons will have differing opinions on how long to keep patients off of work.  As a factory worker, you can count on being off longer than if you had a desk job. If I have a patient who has a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with or without a lift, they won't be returning to a factory job for 4-6 weeks, depending on how much lifting is involved with their job. Your Plastic Surgeon is the one to make the determination. Good luck!

Mommy Makeover: Timeline for Healing

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The Mommy Makeover describes cosmetic breast and body contouring surgery.   Breast surgery often includes implants with or without lift.  The body contouring often includes a tummy tuck and/or liposuction.

The recovery time is based on how much surgery you do, the type of work you are returning to, and your individual healing time.  For my patients having augmentation with a lift as well as tummy tuck, 3 - 4 weeks is sufficient if you do a sedentary type job or do not work.  If you do work on your feet or more strenuous, 6 weeks is what I recommend to my patients.  I hope that helps you plan!   Best wishes,   Dr. Bresnick

I Work in a Factory on a Assembly Line, How Soon Can I Return to Work from a Mommy Makeover?

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Tummy tuck is a major operation associated with major physical and emotional recovery time.  As you can imagine, every patient's experience differs after the procedure. Therefore, return to work times will differ from one patient to another. Ultimately, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to guiding you; he/she will see how you are doing and whether or not you have experienced any complications or set backs.  Generally speaking, most patients are able to return to a “desk job” about 2 weeks after surgery; more strenuous activity (such as your job) may require 4 to 6 weeks of time off (or longer).

Since you considering undergoing a major operation which again involves a significant physical and emotional recovery ( often underestimated by surgeons and patients alike), a few words of advice may be helpful:

1. Make sure you are doing the procedure for the right reasons (for yourself) and that you have realistic expectations. Be aware that an improvement in the “problem area” may not translate to an overall improvement in your life situation. You are bound to be disappointed with results of the procedure if your motivation for doing the surgery is not internally driven.
2. Time your surgery carefully; generally, it is not a good idea to have surgery done during or immediately after a stressful period in life (for example divorce or death of a loved one). The additional stress of surgery will undoubtedly be more challenging to deal with if a patient's emotional reserves our already exhausted. Remember, that an improvement in your physical appearance will not translate to an improvement in your life situation.
3. If possible speak to patients who have undergone similar procedures and query them about the toughest times of their recovery period. Any practical hints previous patients can provide may be very helpful.
4. Make sure you are aware of potential complications that may arise how to reach your surgeon if necessary.

5. Make sure you have a strong and patient support system (several people if possible) in place who have time/patience to take care of you. Arrange for professional nursing if any doubt exists regarding the availability and/or stamina of your caretakers.
6. Be patient with the healing process, understanding that it will take several weeks to months to feel “normal” again. It may also take many months/year to see the end results of your surgery.
7. Be prepared to distract your mind with things of interest such as books, magazines, and movies.
8. Expect less of yourself; do not go back to work, school or chores too early and let others take care of you (for a change).
9. Pick your surgeon carefully (a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon) and trust in his/her advice. Keep in close communication with your surgeon and do not hesitate to communicate questions/concerns and the emotional swings that you may experience.
10. Resume all medications that you were using preoperatively when cleared by your plastic surgeon and stop the use of narcotics and sedatives as soon as feasible after surgery.
11. Keep in mind the end results as you go through the tougher emotional times after your surgery.

I hope this, and the attached link, helps. Best wishes.

The tummy tuck will be the most time dependent component of the recovery

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Thank you for the question.  A mommy makeover often involves a tummy tuck and some type of a breast rejuvenation procedure.  The tummy tuck portion of a mommy makeover will require the most downtime.  Plan on a minimum of 2 weeks of recovery for the tummy tuck and longer if you can swing it due to your work type.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta 

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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How Soon Can I Return to Work from a Mommy Makeover?

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Each mommy makeover is different.

Assuming that a tummy tuck is part of the procedure, someone who does heavy work should count on 6 weeks to recovery. For light work, it might be 10-14 days. 

Much depends on the nature of your particular assembly line, and you surgery.

Thanks, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Mommy Makeover Recovery

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It is very common for mommy makeovers to include both breast and tummy procedures.  After surgery, your pain should be well managed with 1-2 oral pain pills every 4-6 hours if needed.   All my mommy makeover patients are ambulating a few hours after surgery (of course walking flexed at their waist given the tummy tuck).   Most surgeons will likely recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 5-6 weeks.  Most of my mommy makeover patients are comfortable with driving 7-10 days after their surgery.  I generally recommend taking 7-10 days off from a desk job after a mommy makeover procedure.  Doing too much too soon can definitely increase your risk of healing problems or fluid collections (seromas).


Every surgical plan is unique/different so I encourage you to direct these questions to your surgeon and his staff.  It is very important you allow enough time for yourself and your recovery.  Mommy Makeovers are truly transforming procedures.  I'm sure you'll love your results.   Please plan and give enough time for your recovery.  Best of luck.
Dr. Basu
houston, tx

Recovering From a Mommy Makeover

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Thank you for the question. It is important to note that a mommy makeover is not the same operation for everyone. Your recovery will be impacted by the procedures that are needed and the rate at which you recover from them (not the same for all). In my practice patients who have jobs that do not require heavy work return to work within 2 to 3 weeks. If you are in a job that requires heavy or demanding work I would recommend 5 to 6 weeks of recovery before attempting to return to work.

In any case make sure that you consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and follow their recommendations. They will have had the advantage of what was done and therefore will be able to better guide you.

Good luck. 

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