I Have a Vp Shunt for Hydrocephalus Can That Cause Me to Have a Abnomal Mamogram-cause of Scar Tissue Showing Up?

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VP Shunt and Mammography?

Thank you for the question.

Much will depend on exactly where the VP shunt has been placed, in relation to breast tissue.  At this point, the best that you can do is to communicate the presence of the shunt tubing with your  mammographer. More than likely, once the radiologists have a “baseline” image,  they will be able to detect any new “abnormalities” in the future ( using comparisons between the previous and new images).

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VP shunts and mammogram scars

1.  Please get evaluated by a breast surgeon for any abnormalities on a mammogram.

2.  Whether or not your VP shunt could cause scarring in your breast obviously depends on where it is tunneled through.  If you have any anomalies showing up on mammogram, I urge you to follow up with the mammographer so that a plan can be drawn up of how to visualize this area with either noninvasive techniques or biopsy techniques.  If there is a Shunt in this area, my guess is that your neurosurgeon would want an open technique to minimize the chances of damaging your shunt.

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