How Well Do Cheek Implants Hold Up to Being Punched in the Face?

Is it a bad idea to get cheek implants if your job has high risk of being punched in he face (i.e. cop or security guard)? When that is a concern is it possibblle to use different materials that fuse to and become part of the cheekbone?

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Cheek implants and facial trauma

Cheek implants themselves will hold up quite well after a facial trauma.  However, there is always the risk of infection with repetitive trauma in the area of a foreign body implant.  We use silicone implants that are quite easy to remove if ever required.  We do not recommend implants that fuse and become part of the cheekbone, as they are nearly impossible to remove if ever needed.

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How Well Do Cheek Implants Hold Up to Being Punched in the Face?

 I perform many Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants and have done so on MMA fighters, military, law enforcement and others that engage in high degrees of physical contact.  The cheek implants should be placed directly on the cheek bone (I have not found it necessary to sew or screw the implants in place) and become secure 1 month after the surgery.  Physical contact after that point should be well tolerated.  Hope this helps.

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