Which Filler is Best for the Preauricular Area?

About 5 weeks ago I completed my third Sculptra treatment, having received 6 vials in all. I am now interested in having my preauricular areas filled. Which is the best filler for this area? Would Radiesse be a good option? Will filling this area help to tighten up the prejowls that I have? Thanks for your answers.

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Fillers for preauricular area?

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Fillers have been great to provide mroe volume in patients that either have none or have had facial wasting.  To determine what would be best for you, an exam in person is key.

Fillers add volume

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Thank you for the question.  As you may already know there are many types of fillers out there.  As we age we do lose a lot of volume and adding volume through one of these fillers does help to rejuvenate these signs of aging.  Aging also has laxity associated with it and this must be corrected through tissue tightening.  I think the gold standard for adding volume to the face is your own fat.  Consider this as your first option if you can and also keep in mind that you are searching for a filler to add volume not to correct laxity that requires some type of a lift or ulthera.

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Dr Remus Repta

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