Laser Hair Removal and Stomach Nausea?

I started getting laser hair removal in April this past year on my stomach. Around that time, I started becoming severely nauseated. I have had sonograms, X-rays, blood work, I have been tested for gluten allergies, changed my eating habits, been on all natural supplements, had lower GI panels done, you name it I have been checked for it. No Drs have mentioned anxiety because I don't display other symptoms. The nausea usually starts around the time of my treatments. Anyway this is linked?

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Laser hair removal and nausea

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Laser hair removal should have not effect on nausea.  It does not penetrate past the skin.  It sounds like this is a coincidence or some kind of anxiety.

New York Dermatologist

Hair removal lasers are very shallow

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Sorry, the linkage doesn't exist. Regardless of the type of laser used, no hair removal laser goes deep enough to affect the stomach, or muscles, or GI or anything like that. Simply not possible.

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