Is it ok to take hydrocodone a couple days before tummy tuck for back pain?

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Taking narcotics before surgery

is not unusual as there are many patients on it who have surgery.  This is an issue that is usually managed by your anesthesiologist.  My patients can taken their normal medications up to the time they are told to stop taking anything by mouth.

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Hydrocodone Before Tummy Tuck

Prior to many plastic surgical procedures it is important to avoid aspirin and medications like advil, motrin, naprosyn for 10 days or more.  These medications can increase the likelihood of bleeding.  Hydrocodone does not have that issue.  But you should discuss with your plastic surgeon your use of the medication.  Bset of luck with your surgery!

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
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Hydrocodone prior to surgery

Dear MC Neo,

Are you prescribed hydrocodone for back pain? Either way, it is best to check with your operating surgeon to be sure they have no issues with pain medication prior to surgery. Good luck!

Richard A. Bartlett, MD
Brookline Plastic Surgeon
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