How can I get rid of dark shadows on my upper-lip? (Photos)

Hello, my self pavani from India, 20years old girl, i have been suffering from Upperlip dark shadow, could you help me out please, I took Lazer treatment also but it doesn't work

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Skin Lightening and Indian Skin

Depending if this pigmentation is hormonally related I would recommend hydroquinones, Retinoids, Cosmelan, or chemical peels.  I treat many patients with exactly your problem and it takes time to improve this pigmentation and strict sun avoidance.  Best, Dr. Green

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Melasma & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation May Respond To Skin Bleaching Creams & Superficial Peels

From the photo, it is not clear whether the darkened areas around your mouth are the result of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation secondary to acne or its treatments or due to melasma. Regardless, the appropriate home use of prescription strength bleaching creams, containing ingredients, such as hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid and glycyrrizic acid, alone or combined with alpha hydroxy acid and retinoid preparations can be quite helpful. The additional use of a series of in-office superficial peels can supplement and speed the fading process. I am not surprised about your lack of response to the laser treatments. I have often written that to date my experience with these relatively expensive light-based therapies is that they are far more backed by device manufacturer supported marketing hype than hard science. Best to seek consultation with a board certified, aesthetic dermatologist who can help you to control the acne and deal with the pigmentary problem. Best of luck.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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