Which is better: ICL or PRK, based on the cornea thickness?

i'm 23..i consulted 2 doctors for LASIK. One doctorsaid that i have the cornea thickness as 490 and proposed PRK treatment,and the amount is less. other doctor said my eyes are only suitable for ICL, i have cornea thickness as 470 & the amount is high.i don't know why this cornea thickness is different with different doctors.what should i do now. Should i proceed with PRK or ICL.will there be any further issues with my eyes? can i proceed with any of these 2 treatments? Please help me to decide.

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ICL is more risky and also more expensive PRK hurts abs takes forever to healLasik is unsafe for thin corneas/high RxYour best option would be LASEK which is like a modern PRK

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