When Hyaluronic Acid is Injected into the Nose How Malleable is It?

I am going to have a non surgical treatment to "better" the aesthetics of my nose. I am aware that the physician is using Teosyal I have a straight dorsum with no bumps my concern is the definition on the lower lateral portion of my nose. Can manipulating the HA when injected into the nose create a contoured effect. I know it is superficial but how effective is HA when shaping the skin on the nose. Does it depend on how much HA is used, I have been told HA works better in thick skin.

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Juvederm works well for non surgical nose job.


Juvederm is the hyaluronic acid product which we use the most in New York City.  It is very malleable and good for superficial application in non surgical rhinoplasty.  We use Radiesse for deep problems.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Proper Placement Key in Facial Fillers

Proper placement is more important than malleability of facial fillers. If it’s placed right, you shouldn’t have to do a lot of massage with the procedure. Hyaluronic acid fillers are slightly malleable, but you don’t want to depend on that for good results.

Timothy Jochen, MD
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Hyaluronic acid fillers contour the bridge and tip very well with non-surgical rhinoplasties

I have had great experience using hyaluronic acids for non-surgical rhinoplasty.   My filler of choice for the nose is Perlane, a slightly thicker version of Restylane.  The hyaluronic fillers have the advantage of being soft, effective at contouring, and reversible.

In my practice we use Perlane for non-surgical rhinoplasty to perform the following maneuvers:

  1. Add definition to the nasal tip
  2. Camouflage a nasal hump
  3. Contour the nose
  4. Fill in concavities for symmetry.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty should be considered an advances filler technique.  It's important to be very familiar with the anatomy to avoid injury to the skin and underlying arteries. 

Be careful and place your face in skilled hands!

David C. Mabrie, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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