How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

What is the laser tattoo removal price per session? Thank you.

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Cost of Tattoo removal

One treatment session will cost between $75 and $300 depending on where you live and how big your tattoo is. Multiple treatments with laser are needed to remove a tattoo, and no one can tell you how many sessions you will need, although an average is 5-10. Generally fewer sessions are needed for poorly done tattoos since the ink isn't as deep in the skin. Also, black tattoos are more easily removed than colored tattoos (with blue/green being the most difficult to remove).

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How much does laser tattoo removal cost

We typically charge $60/ square inch, with a $250 minimum.  That is a great price considering the quality of lasers used in my practice. 

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Cost with Laser Tattoo Removal

The cost of tattoo removal treatments depends on the size and color of the tattoo. Treatments start at $150 and increase from there. At Des Moines Plastic Surgery, we offer complimentary consultations to determine the cost of treatment for each individual patient.

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How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

The cost of tattoo removal will depend upon the laser(s) used. And, whether or not the laser center offers pricing per treatment or in a series. We strongly believe pricing per session is the only way to charge for tattoo removal as results vary significantly from person to person and tattoo to tattoo.
The charges for laser tattoo removal start at $200 and depend on the size of the tattoo. To try to make things simple for people inquiring online or over the phone, we give prices based on sizes like business card, 8.5 x 11, etc. However, we realize most tattoos aren't shaped exactly in those dimensions. Prior to a treatment, each patient will be evaluated by a physician extender (P.A. or Nurse Practitioner) who will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. They then will give you the exact cost. It is your decision to proceed or not. There should never  be any pressure involved in scheduling an appointment and no gimmicks like a special price if you schedule same day.
Tattoo removal likely requires several treatments. In some cases, some ares fade very quickly, so it is possible that the initial treatments may cost more than subsequent treatments where fading has started and the procedure takes less time.
As with any medical treatment, do not base your decision solely on cost. A low price for ineffective tattoo removal isn't really a great deal. Or paying for antiquated technology that takes many, many more treatments than the newest state-of the-art technology is also not a great deal.
However, a laser center with a great reputation and many repeat clients will often be able to offer very competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards in safety, efficacy, cleanliness and also the most highly trained and competent providers.

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Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

The cost depends on the size of the tattoo. It starts from $100 per session for a small tattoo and increases based on the surface area that the tattoo covers. It will take approximately 6-8 sessions depending on the quality of the ink, 8-10 weeks apart for complete removal. Colored tattoos may need more sessions, which again depend on the quality of the ink.

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Tattoo cost

The cost for lasering tattoo's can vary depending on size and color. I would recommend following up with a Provider to be evaluated for an accurate estimate.

Tattoo Removal and Price

The price of the tattoo depends on the size and the degree of difficulty involved in removing it.  A larger tattoo generally takes longer to treat and is more involved.  Please consult a specialist in tattoo removal.  Best, Dr. Green

Used to be an easy question to answer

When we used a Revlite laser, which is a q switched nanosecond laser. this was an easy to answer.  It was a state of the art, top line nansosecond laser that could treat all colors.  It was expensive but not out of line so we started at $250 for a tattoo under a buisness card size.  But, the days of the nanosecond q-swithced laser have passed.  With our PicoSure, picosecond laser the technology is such that we can remove most tattoos in half the number or sessions, and we can remove tattoos previous too complex for the nanosecond laser. This laser costs about twice as much as the Revlite, so most of our prices have doubled.  Every day we see tattoos treated  with  low dose nanosecond laser swith commonly no progress after 10 treatments.  We can generally improve these.  Of course, the complexity and number of colors can slow things down. In the process of rewriting the text but here is a link below.

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Cost vary by size and start as low as 100 per aession for a very small tattoo. Picosure laser treatments are more expensive because of the high cost of the laser and maintenance .The laser with a 532 attachment costs 360,000. Picosure requires approximately one third of visits of traditional q switched lasers and can be completed in as few as four sessions. 

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Cost of laser Tattoo Removal in Richmond VA

Dear Bohlendl

The price of laser tattoo removal varies based on several factors:
  1. Size and complexity of the tattoo- larger and/or multi-colored tattoos cost more
  2. Geographic location- big cities tend to charge bigger prices
  3. Laser- Until recently Q Switched lasers have been the gold standard for removal. The PicoSure laser is the latest weapon in tattoo removal. PicoSure is 100 times faster than the Q Switch and can remove tattoos in half the treatments of a Q Switch. Though PicoSure treatments are more expensive, because you need less treatments it actually is a better value. 
The other experience I have had with the PicoSure is treating tattoos that stop responding to Q Switch, or certain colors (fluorescent colors) which failed with Q Switch. I have some patients who had 15-20 treatments and still have ink left. The PicoSure can tackle this recalcitrant ink in a few treatments. 

Whatever you decide, make certain that whomever is going to be treating you has been properly trained and has experience with lasers. There are now laser serves popping up in every strip mall. Using a laser is a medical procedure and can have dire consequences when put into the wrong hands. 

I hope this information is helpful. 

Travis L. Shaw, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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