How Much Do Da Vinci Veneers Cost?

How much do Da Vinci Veneers cost? Are they more expensive than normal veneers?

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DaVinci veneers Brand name of ceramic veneer

Expect to ay $1200- $1800 per veneer.  If major changes are being made there may be a fee for a diagnostic wax-up.

No Prep veneers for color change are less than custom veneers.

Very important to consider veneers are a service and a piece of art.  I have seen many patients who do not like how their veneers look.  i charge more to replace veneers than to place initial veneers.  

The cost of veneers is frequently related to to the experience of your doctor.  I have been doing veneers for over 25 years and have seen beautiful veneers from a young doctor doing his first case and terrible veneers from an experienced dentist so it is not just years in practice.  Some doctors spend thousands of dollars going to advanced training like Las Vegas Institute, Dawson Academy or Kois Academy while others never take any courses.

I was lucky, I worked in the office of one of the world's top cosmetic dentists Dr Buddy Mopper's office for a year shortly out of dental school.   The first day I was there I saw him do magic to a smile with composite bonding.  This was long before porcelain veneers existed.  

Cosmetic Dentistry is art so chose your artist wisely!


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Cost of DaVinci

Hello there Eva,
Out here in St. Louis, DaVinci's typically cost $1,500 per tooth, but there are many other options that provide the same or better quality at much better prices for patients.  I'm kinda confused as to why DaVinci veneers have their own section here on this site.  There are certain times that brand names are important, like when buying a car, a motorcycle or a parachute.  Then there's everything else that has a brand name, but not necessarily a higher quality.  I usually include a 10 year guarantee on veneers and crowns that I place, as long as regular check-ups, cleanings and proper hygiene is maintained.  Hope this answers your question.

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Da Vinci Veneers Cost

When you hear the name da Vinci for veneers, to me it means high quality.  Being a dentist for 37 years and working in the cosmetic dental industry for the majority of those, I have worked with various labs and even had an in-house lab in our office.  da Vinci, aside from being made famous for ABC's Extreme Makeover and Fox's The Swan, has been the mark of a superior dental lab for years prior.  Their quality craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, fast turnaround time, and reputation are only a few of the reasons why their costs can be higher to the offices and then, in turn, to the consumer.  da Vinci veneers do carry a lab warranty so this can help with justifying the cost, along with the fact that many of my cases get delivered to patients with much fewer try-ins, which saves time and money in the long run.  The average cost per tooth can range anywhere from $1295-1695 in our area for da Vinci, but patients generally choose to pay for them because of the name and quality associated.  da Vinci also only works with the top 2% of dentists in the US, so if your dentist uses da Vinci then you know they are a top doc!

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Veneer cost

When marketing campaigns are designed they want to get a certain name in front of a lot of consumers. The Da Vinci are a prime example. These are really only a brand made by a lab and the quality depends on the specific dentist/ceramist team that is doing the case. Cost will vary on location but here in the midwest the fee is about 1360$ per tooth. Be careful about getting a good "deal" because you are usually paying for a cheaper lab and no one wants to have ceramics done by the "lowest" bidder that will be in your mouth for the next 15 years. Be sure you look at other cases done by the team in the past and see if it meets your expectations!

Da Vinci is a brand

If you ask for them by name, they MAY be more expensive than others. They simply are the name of the lab they are fabricated at and not much different than any other well made veneer.

If you get treated by an experienced and skilled dentist, they should be able to give you a fantastic result with the help of their very skilled lab technician, Da Vinci or not.

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Cost for Da Vinci Veneers

Da Vinci Veneers refers to veneers made by a da Vinci certified lab technician. Made famous by the show Extreme Makeover, da Vinci veneers have become familiar product to the American public. If your dentist is a skilled, experienced cosmetic dentist, he or she probably uses a master ceramist who can achieve the same aesthetics or better than da Vinci technicians. Da Vinci will charge your dentist a lot for the product, so the fees for these may be higher.

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