How Do I Get Rid of the Bluish Tint That Juvederm Left Under my Eyes?

I was injected with so much Juvederm under my eyes that I could barely see out of my left eye. I got 5 hyaluronidase treatments and have been left with dark circles and small bags under my eyes. I just want to be normal again. Do you think I should get another treatment? It is better but not back to normal! Please advise.

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Slow Down!

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Dear Nessy, Slow down. I understand the concern with the bluish tint for juvederm under the eyes. It is clear that synthetic fillers may be poor substitutes for fat injections into the tear troughs under the eyes. But at this point you have to slow down and review what has happened. The Juvederm gave you a bluish hue, the hyaluronidase removes the juvederm but also removes some of your own hyaluronic acid - keep in mind that your skin is 40% hyaluronic acid. The loss of the juvederm and your own HA leads to deeper darker circles then you had before you had any treatments at all. On a positive note, your own HA will return once the hyaluronidase is out of your system. On another positive note, any residual juvederm is only temporary. On the most upbeat note, Fat injections can relieved the whole process. So relax and enjoy the great Hawaiin weather.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Best treatment for Juvederm correction is hyaluronidase

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Many of the comments made by the other physicians are spot on. The blue tinge (tindle effect) is usually due to the Juvederm being injected too superficially into the skin. Juvederm (hyluronic acid) is best reversed or by injection(s) of hyaluronidase or removed by my small needle puncture and manually expressing the material out. The dark circles and heavy lower eyelid bags are complex problems. Because of this, you need to be evaluated by a board certified physician who is experienced with facial skin care and soft tissue fillers. The bottom line is that your physicial problems resulting from the Juvderm will most likely not be permanent, but, in the interim you are in need of an expert to improve your looks in a timely fashion.

I'm sorry for your bad experience, and hope our answers help

Dr. Goldstein

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Reversing Juvederm treatment

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Hi Nessy,

The question about whether or not to return for Hyaluronidase injections depends on a few things.

1. How long has it been since the last hyaluronidase (Vitrase) injection?

2. Does your practitioner believe that the bluish tint is bruising or the Tyndall effect from superficial Juvederm?

3. Did the previous hyaluronidase injections produce results?

If it's been at least 7 days since the last injection, the bluish tint is a product of superficial Juvederm and the previous injections produced a reduction in the bags, then we would probably suggest considering more.

If the bluish tint is caused by bruising you may want to consider finding a physician that uses pulsed dye lasers as a quick treatment can eliminate the bruising within 48 hours. Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No easy answer

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There are many factors involved here.

How long ago did you have the hyaluronidase treatments? There may still be some Juvederm left under your eyes that looks like the bags you describe.

The dark circles could be bruising. As blood is absorbed by the body, sometimes there is brownish pigment leftover. Also, pigment can develope due to inflammation from the original injections or the hyaluronidase treatments.

Depending on how full the skin was, it may have stretched and you may need to start a retinoid or glycolic acid treatment to encourage collagen formation and skin tightening.

Lastly, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. The skin has a remarkable capacity to heal itself, and you may need to just wait a couple of months. I wouldn't recommend any surgical interventions until a few months have passed. It's probably OK to start a retinoid or glycolic acid, but you need to see a dermatologist for a full evaluation.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

Excess Juvederm Will Deplete With Time

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Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that’s associated with excellent clinical results and high levels of patient satisfaction. When these fillers are used to treat tear trough deformities, they’re occasionally associated with complications. Under these circumstances bumps, lumps and bluish discoloration of the skin can occur as a result of superficial Juvederm injections.
Although your pictures are helpful, it’s virtually impossible to make a recommendation without a physical examination. Despite five rounds of hyaluronidase treatments, it’s possible that you might need additional treatment. It’s important to remember that with time, most of the excess Juvederm will absorb and you will eventually return to your old baseline.

Juvederm and Bluish Hue

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Juvederm is a fabulous injection for thicker areas of the face, and is not idea for the under eye area.  The best way to resolve the situation is to have Vitrase injected into the area to dissolve the area. It is important to wait at least one week in between injections to assess the results.  Next time I would suggest Belotero injections for the under eye area. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with facial injections for the best cosmetic results.

Juvederm Volbella good for tear trough

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The tear trough areas, right under your eyes, is very delicate. I would recommend that you try a small amount of volbella, which is a very fine product, and can help to soften the hollowness under your eyes, without leaving lumpiness.

Juvederm Left Under Eyes

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You may benefit from more hyaluronidase injections, but it is difficult to assess without pictures. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon for further treatment options.

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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How Do I Get Rid of the Bluish Tint That Juvederm Left Under my Eyes?

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Hi Nessy

The bluish tint of Juvederm is only seen in the tear trough or under eye area. This is due to injecting it too close to the skin( too superficial). The fact that eyelid skin is paper thin does not help. You need to speak to your Doctor about your concerns. There are other fillers that dont give you a bluish tint, but I am not sure whether they are available in the US.

In Australia, I use  ESTHELIS, which is a filler made by the Swiss company Anteis. I have had no bluish tints since I started using Esthelis.

Hope this helps


Juvederm Sometimes Gives Bluish Tint

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Unfortunately, this happens sometimes when Juvederm is injected too superficially. The only way to resolve the problem is by injecting  Hyaluronidase which dissolves the hyaluronic acid which is the active ingredient in Juvederm. Go back to your doctor to fix the problem.



Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 127 reviews

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