Is it possible to work out the gluteus medium enough to get that hour glass shape, if your hips dip/concave inwards? (Photos)

I am 5' 01" & 110 lbs; female; Skinny, but not fit. A really fit friend of mine told me I could use the hip abducting machine at the gym and it will work out my gluteus medius, giving me that shape I lack in my hips. The dip I have is nothing huge, very minor. Looks exactly like the drawn pic below. My question is, before I get a $7000 surgery, is it really possible I can get that hourglass shape by working out? I'm perfectly fine with my butt. It's only my hips I am worried about.

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Realistic expectations of glute training

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your friend is right.  the hip abducting machine would target the gluteus medius.  actually the lying hip-abduction has been shown to have the highest level of gluteus medius activation.  

to answer your question.  no. not realistic to expect to fill out your hips with these type of exercises. My wife is a figure competitor.  her glute training is heavy, intense, and been at it for years. made a lot of progress. but in no way has it given an "hour glass" shape I think you are after.  can you do it? sure, possibly. but I assure you with just exercise, it will take years, possibly decades. Women have a much harder time of gaining muscle because you lack the testosterone, vs men.  that is the reality.  

surgical options are fat grafting or implants.  if you are thin, then you have no fat. not a candidate, period.  so implants would be the only other surgical option. we have new implants now that are safe, durable, softer, and more natural that previous generations.  they are custom made, and come in different shapes, profiles, and volumes.  any "look" can be attained, from a natural fit athletic butt, to a full round "brazilian" butt. just depends on what you want.  despite the historically bad reputation of buttock implant, this surgery can be performed safely, and give natural appearing results. with that said, I would always encourage exercising and training. because I love it.  but you need to realistic with the limitations of your own genetics and anatomy.

hope that helps and best wishes!

Dr Morales

ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Houston, Tx

Hourglass shape by working gluteus medius?

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Although I encourage every patient to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, curvaceous hips is most often the result of the right genetics fo the skeletal framework and fat deposits in the hip area. Take a look at some professional women bodybuilders and notice how they too have a depression in their outer buttock - because they are ultralean, not because they don't have well developed gluteus medius muscles.  In other words, unless you are genetically blessed with "hour-glass" hips, your only option for permanent hip augmentation may just be hip implants. Please read on for more surgical details:

Often buttock implants provide the added curve to the "hips" that most patients are looking for. If not then actual hip implants can be placed either at the same time or instead of buttock implants. Unlike buttock implants, which should always be placed under/within the gluteus maximus muscle, hip implants are placed under just the fascia because no significant muscle exists in this region. However, because they are much smaller and lighter, their likelihood of migration is relatively low. Unfortunately fat grafting to the hip area is frequently met with poor success because, again, there is no muscle there to place the fat into and thus is does not survive. Another thing is, if you are asked to purposely gain weight (i.e. fat) for the procedure, the fat you lose first as you get back to your baseline weight after surgery is that very same fat that was transferred into your buttock/ don't fall victim to this recommendation.  Glad to help. 

Buttock augmentation

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The answer to your question depends on whether or not you have realistic expectations for your desired results.  Yes, you can increase the size of your hips and buttock by working out but not significantly.  Liposuction of the waist with fat transfer and/or buttock implants is the best way to ensure the results you are looking for.  Unless, of course you are lucky enough to be born it.

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It is a noble goal to set for the gym; however, gluteus medius muscle bulk will not make a significant difference in that "dent"

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