Will my snoopy boobs change? (Photos)

I'm 10 days post op, smooth, silicone, full profile 500/550 Natrelle implants. I know it's early on and it can take months to settle but this is weird. They have the "snoopy boob" look. I'm wondering if this shape is normal? Can this change as they settle? Natural breast tissue is hanging below implant. Will they look normal when the implant descends? If it ever will. Depressing. My PS never mentioned this outcome and never said I needed a lift. I want a rounded or straight slope. Not snoopy.

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Healing with Time

Breast implants can take 6 months to a year to settle into their position. Breast implants settle lower than where they are originally placed, and for that reason they are sitting quite high at the moment. Since you are only 10 days post operative the implants still have a lot of healing and settling to undergo. With time and possible downward massage (if advised by your surgeon), the implants will settle downwards and look more natural without the augmented upper hump which is making them appear as the "snoopy boob" which you are unhappy with. 

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