I'm 20 yrs old & my eyebrows are uneven when it comes to the arch. What needs to be done in order to make them more even?(photo)

I am only 20 years old and my eyebrows have always been uneven when it comes to the arch!! I hate it. If you can see my left brow is a lot higher and I love how it makes me look more awake. I've covered each side of the face and my left brow makes me look better. What needs to be done in order to get my right eyebrow close to what my left one looks like. You can also see in the pic my right eye looks a little more closed. And where should I go to get this fixed.

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Eyebrow asymmetry

Eyebrow asymmetry can often be improved with either a completely one-sided brow lift or a brow lift that raises one side more than the other. The method chosen will depend on what other issues you wish to correct. Since it will vary depending on your specific situation, a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine the best approach.

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Uneven brow

It depends on the cause. Some people just "naturally" subconsciously hold one brow higher or for unknow reasons have a more hyperactive side of their frontalis muscle. In these cases Botox or an equivalent product can be an effective treatment. It is also possible that you hold that brow up to unload the eyelid because otherwise it would droop over the pupil/iris (ptosis). In this event, a ptosis correction procedure is necessary. You need to be examined by a qualified surgeon for proper diagnosis and recommendation.

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I'm 20 yrs old & my eyebrows are uneven when it comes to the arch. What needs to be done in order to make them more even?

You could probably achieve significant improvement with Botox to lift the lower side and slightly lower the overly elevated side. This result can be tricky to optimize but should give you 3-4 months of benefit once the correct dose and injection placement has been determined. I hope my answer is helpful for you.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
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Eyebrow higher from droopy upper eyelid (ptosis)

You may have underlying left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy) which causes the brow on that side to elevate in order to help lift the droopy eyelid. If that is the case, eyelid ptosis surgery is the best answer.  See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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Uneven eyebrows

At your age avoid a surgical correction.  Botox can be used to provide balance to the forehead and arch.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Asymmetric brows

You have a marked brow asymmetry.  With some botox you may be able to lift the right and drop the left so they are more even.  The other option is to lift the right side with a surgery.  It may be hard to get them completely symmetrical even with a surgery.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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I'm 20 yrs old & my eyebrows are uneven when it comes to the arch. What needs to be done in order to make them more even?

Initially I recommend trying BOTOX correction to both sides in small unit amounts. This can take 3 weeks of injections to achieve a more symmetrical result... Fee range $1,000.

Uneven eyebrows

You do have a significant difference in the way the eyeballs are set within the bone, but beyond that there is quite a difference between the brows as well.

One option may be to do artistic Botox to reduce muscle activity selectively to make the brows appear more even, but many of those can fail over time and be disappointing.

Asymmetric brow elevation procedures can also be done, but Botox would be a nice start.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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I'm 20 yrs old & my eyebrows are uneven when it comes to the arch. What needs to be done in order to make them more even

That is a significant difference in your eyebrows, so I am not sure Botox would give you enough lift of the right eyebrow but it is worth a try.  If not, you may consider a surgical treatment to lift the right eyebrow (which is permanent).

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Uneven brows

Botox will not likely produce the effect on the right side that you are looking for. It is inexpensive and easy to do, so it may be worth a try. A right sided brow lift is the better option. See a board certified plastic surgeon. There are tons of them in Houston. Go to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for a list.

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