How much does an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline, in millimeters? (photos)

As much as 1 cm? Or more like just 1-2 mm? Would it raise it as much as the simulated photo on the right? The one on the left is my natural hairline with brows raised and the other is natural hairline and relaxed brow position. Also, is my hairline high, low, or average and which approach would you recommend based on this?Thanks!

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Hairline will be minimally alter

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The most important question is why are you thinking in this procedure? Of course the only way to give you a honest opinion is with a real consultation, however looking at your pictures it appears the your brows position is correct or high, and they do not show hyperactivity of your frontalis muscles.
Be sure that you see a board certified plastic surgeon,  a member of the American Society for Aesthetic plastic Surgery assure you of board certification and specialization in cosmetic surgery.
Good Luck

Endoscopic browlift candidate

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The photograph shows asymmetrical eyebrows with the right eyebrow slightly lower than the left, and a very high hairline. You do not have significant brow ptosis. When raising the eyebrow 1 cm, the hairline must go up 1.5 cm due to the stretch on the skin. In patients that have a high hairline, we perform a pre-trichial incision to lower the hairline when raising the eyebrows. For many examples of brow lifting in our practice, please see the link below

Brow lift options

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An endoscopic browlift can raise the hairline to a variable degree. In general, if there is a high hairline to begin with it can appear too high, and the procedure is more difficult and less predictable with high hairlines. In those instances I prefer a hairline incision for a subcutaneous approach. Your hairline appears high already and you don' look like you need a browlift now anyway!

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Typically, an endoscopic lift WOULD raise your line more than "a few millimeters". Your hairline is high and I probably would choose a different approach if I were seeing you. Of course, only if I thought it was appropriate. I don't see your eyebrow position as high. Perhaps you have extra fat and maybe eyelid skin partially covering your upper lids and you actually want to see more upper lid rather than raise the brows????

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