Will breasts fill out more?

I am 5 weeks post-op with 450cc silicone implants. It seems like my breast is very full on the outer (armpit) area and aren't filling in towards the center-cleavage line. Is this going to be the end look or will they fill out more? Is this the result because of my original shape?

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Will breasts fill out more?

Thank you for your question. Your breast will continue to change in the coming weeks. It will be helpful to see before pictures. Look like you are healing well. Please express your concerns to your PS

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Will breasts fill out more? (

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  After placement of implants, the overall appearance of the breasts will change dramatically as your implants drop, and the overlying tissue stretches to accommodate the extra volume. In your case the swelling from surgery is flattening your implants and holding them high on your chest.  Though they will not get bigger, the volume within the implant will redistribute towards the lower portion of your breast achieving a more natural appearance, and filling your bra cup more.   Unfortunately without a preoperative photograph it is difficult to know if increased cleavage was possible but once your results mature a bra should aid you in narrowing any gap.  I know waiting is difficult, but judge your results at 4-6 months after surgery as most of your breast changes should have occurred by then. Hope this helps.

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Early breast result

Thanks for your inquiry. You are right that the pre-op appearance of your breast affects the final result.  It would be helpful to see a before picture to give you the best comments. You seem to have a nice result and definitely discuss your concern with your plastic surgeon.  

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Will Breasts Fill Out More After 5 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation?

At 5 weeks post-op, you are still quite early in your recovery. The implants may settle more and change the appearance of the breasts, but it is doubtful that they will fill out the center-cleavage line. The shape you started with does influence how your breasts will look after enhancement, and there is little a surgeon can do to change that. This is an area of great confusion for many women who believe that the natural space between their breasts can be filled by the breast implants and they'll suddenly have great cleavage. It's sometimes not what you want to hear, but by addressing your wishes with your surgeon beforehand can save a lot of disappointment afterwards. Larger implants fill a bit more space, but because we want them centered on each breast, it will also increase the fullness on the outside of the breast (armpit area). You have a nice result at this stage, and it appears you will end up with very natural looking breasts that some women want more than anything, but because of their body shape, realistically may not achieve! Embrace the aesthetically pleasing results you have, and if after 6 months of healing you are unhappy with them, speak with your surgeon to see what your options are.

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5 Weeks Post Op

Your original shape will certainly influence your results. The drop and fluff process after breast augmentation can take between 2-6 months so you are not seeing your final, settled results yet. I recommend that you speak with your Plastic Surgeon about concerns and what to expect as you heal.
All the best

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