Are Cohesive Gel Buttocks Implants FDA Approved?

Cohesive Gel Buttocks Implants, I Know There Not FDA Approved but I Want Them. I don't want a hard butt, I'm a model very thin. I don't want rubber implants that feel like had. cohesive gel buttocks implants capsule contracture like breast implants still right. If this happens, does one fix It the same way? Also only found one plastic surgeon in the states that does this surgery with cohesive gel butt implants. I am comparing him to people in Thailand. Very reputable guy I would just like more choices tho. Can anyone answer these two questions?

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Are Cohesive Gel Buttocks Implants FDA Approved

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Solid silicone implants are used for buttock implants.These have the consistency of soft rubber, and are durable. Unlike with breast implants, patients sit on their buttock implants, and a ruptured implant will be distorted in shape, and the gel is highly likely to migrate. The solid implants can actually feel softer that cohesive gel. Those in the US who use cohesive gel implants may be using approved devices but are using them for "off-label" indications. 

I would expect capsular contractures to occur like they do in the breast. I doubt that there is enough data and experience that anyone could comment knowledgeably  about treatment. 

I would find an experienced surgeon in Houston and use the product he or she recommended. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Buttock implants are more than cohesive

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The buttock implants used today are actually semi-solid, which is more than cohesive. This means that there is absolutely no chance for rupture or leakage. You can cut the implants with a knife and they retain the chape. This is very important as the buttocks undergoes a lot of pressure and stress throughout the day. The implants are ideally placed within the muscle so that you cannot feel or see them. 

Butt implants

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Hi Ariana,

    I have been doing butt implants surgery for over 10 years. I use very soft silicone implants but not quite cohesive. On a person with thick skin , the implants is barely palpable and on a thin person it feels like a tightened muscle. One of my patients is dating a guy who does not know that she has implants and just adores her posterior. I would be very reluctant to recommend a cohesive or gel implants because they can easily break under the intense activity that they are involved in from time to time. I consulted a patient who had gel butt implants placed in another country . They raptured and it caused a significant deformity.  I hope this helps .

                Best of luck,  

                                          Dr Widder

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