Hot and Cold Sensations After Lipo?

At my 2 week post-op appointment my doctor said I might get sesations of hot or cold as the bruised nerves heal. He claified what he meant by saying that it may feel as though I had a hot or cold pack against my skin. I did a lot of research and this is one thing I never ran across. Interested in comments on this topic for myself and others.

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Post liposuction sensations

Tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity, tenderness, are common sensation irregularities post liposuction.  Hot and cold sensation differences are not something that I have described to paitents during their consultations when discussing liposuction, nor what they describe to me post liposuction during the last 18 years of doing liposuction. Your surgeon may be trying to verbalize the pins and needles sensation that can be felt, or he or she might have had a paitent describe it to him or her this way.

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It is possible-but keep your doctor in the loop-it's the best way to make sure your recovery period is going well and do not hesitate to address your concerns with the doctor who performed your surgery.

Edward J. Bednar, MD
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"hot/cold" sensations after liposuction

It is not uncommon to experience some type of sensory change following any surgery. Fortunately this is most often short lived. Your doctor's description is not typically what I tell my patients but imagine he/she meant that you may have some tingling or numbness afterwards for a period of time. 

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD
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Hot and Cold Sensations After Lipo?

Nor do I after having done thousands of lipos. He may have meant a numbing sensation??? Best to ask him again to re explain what he meant for your complete understanding. BTW do you have these issues? From MIAMI 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Sensations After Liposuction

I think all Plastic Surgeons have a little different wording to describe the feelings a patient will have after surgery.  It is typically described as a tingling sensation. Most people will also feel numbness around the incision sites. It is important to wear your garment after surgery to help reduce any pain or swelling.

Miguel Delgado, MD
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Skin sensations after liposuction

Skin sensations such as pin-picking, tingling, numbness, hot and cold feelings, all fall into what we call dysesthesia and such feelings are not uncommon for a time after liposuction. The sensations are more common when ultrasound is used during liposuction. We have not seen the feeling persist and gentle massage may help.

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