Hoping Lipo in Abs/waist Will Increase Fat Stores in Butt. True?

I understand lipo will permanently remove fat in that area. If weight gain occurs, other fat storage areas will be used to store the 'new' fat. I store all my fat centrally on my abs/waist, which is unusual for a woman. If I have lipo in that area, will any excess fat be distributed in other areas such as my butt/breast/legs/arms, etc? This would be welcomed as I have an 'apple' body shape and as a woman I would prefer a more 'female' shape with larger rear and breast.

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Hoping your fat stores will go elsewhere will not work.

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Liposuction permanently removes a percentage of the fat cells in the areas that are treated. Consequently, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle that minimizes the storage of new fat the contour and proportional improvements achieved liposuction are long lasting. Liposuction does not change your biology. If before surgery your hips and belly were the main locations for fat to accumulate then this will still be the pattern after surgery.

Procedures that do not destroy fat cells similarly can not change the distribution pattern of fat storage on your body. An interesting observation is that in some patients the fat around the waistline can be very hormonally active. Although this is not predictable, reducing the superficial belly fat may allow other hormonally influenced body areas to change. Many female patients who have had liposuction to their torso and thighs notice a slight increase in fullness to their breasts after surgery. It is theorized that a subtle change in the balance of hormones occurs when a large resevoir of hormonally active fat cells are removed. Anecdotal reports of borderline diabetics achieving better blood sugar control after abdominal liposuction also exist.

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Where Does Fat Go After Liposcution?

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This is by far the greatest myth associated with fat removal.  When patients come to see me for liposuction or CoolSculpting consultations virtually all of them ask me this same question. And the answer is NO - fat does not "go to" some place else after liposuction or CoolSculpting. 

Weight gain in everyone is genetically determined.  This means that everyone tends to gain or lose weight in certain areas before other areas.  I get this in breast augmentation and reduction consultations.  When patients say "I'm planning to lose weight.  Will affect the result?"  I always answer the same "Do you lose weight in your breasts?"  All women know this answer.

So the same is true in liposuction.  If you have liposuction performed on your abdomen and flanks and you normally gain weight in those areas then you will gain weight there again.  The difference is that you are starting from a smaller size.

People will not change the area where they normally gain weight.

Fat stores after liposuction

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Well, I understand yoru hopes, but if you place the new at inside of your abdomen, in your visceral fat compartment, you migth not be so happy.

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Fat Deposits After Liposuction

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If only we could tell fat where to go!! It will go somewhere and maybe the buttock areas, but it is totally unpredictable. Better to just maintain a good weight after the surgery.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Fat for Buttocks

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Yes, if you have lipo in one area (waist and back) and then gain a lot of weight, then the fat has to go somewhere.  In many case it can go to the buttocks and/or breasts, which is many patients find advantageous.  However, I do not recommend purposeful weight gain after liposuction.  I recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise to maximize your plastic surgery results.


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Fat doesn't "go" anywhere, but your proportions change.

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Fat is not "redistributed " after liposuction.  When liposuction is done on an area of the body which is out of proportion to the other areas, some of the fat in that area is removed but some is left behind to give a smooth contour.  So your body proportions are now changed.  If you gain weight or lose weight after liposuction the proportions which you created after the liposuction will be the same but larger or smaller depending on if you gained or lost weight.  The example I give to my patients is to imagine you have a perfect hour glass figure except big bumps on your hips.  If these are brought into correct contour by liposuction, now you have the perfect figure.  If you gain weight it will increase the size of all areas so you will be slightly larger but the proportions will still be there.  The same is true if you lose weight.

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