How Long After Lipo Procedure Can I Go Back to Sauna / Bikram Yoga?

I'll be getting lipo done in my abdominal area soon. I enjoy sitting in FIR sauna sometimes for 20 min - a great way to relax & detox. I also do Bikram yoga several times a week. (Bikram is hot yoga 90 min long and is basically like a sauna). Just wonder for the lipo recovery planning, what would be the recommendation for when I can go back to: 1) just lie down in a sauna room for 20 min (no movement), 2) resume Bikram yoga? Thanks

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How long after Liposuction before going back to sauna/yoga

Thank you for your question.  This question should be discussed thoroughly with your surgeon and follow his/her instruction carefully.

 Generall,y I tell patients to take it easy for two weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing and no complications. When you start again don't jump right into  bikram yoga with the same level of intensity that you had before surgery but slowly increase your intensity over several weeks time.  If you start having pain or swelling then back it down a notch.  Pay particular attention to your fluid intake for, as you well know, you lose a considerable amount of water with bikram yoga.  This would also apply to going into the sauna. Best of luck. 

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Return to yoga and sauna is approximately 4 weeks.

Your surgeon will need to guide you as to when it is safe to return to the sauna and yoga.  This will depend on how fast you are recovering from surgery.  Usually at least 2 weeks is required before patients are allowed to begin to slowly increase their activity, besides walking.  This is to minimize the chance of complications in the tissues which are healing under the skin.  The sauna and the yoga are both very warm will dilate the blood vessels in your tissues and could increase the risk of bleeding.  The bending and flexing of the yoga could also stress the newly healing tissues.  Around 4 weeks, most tissues which are healing without complications can take on this additional stress without problems.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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How Long After Lipo Procedure Can I Go Back to Sauna/Bikram Yoga?Answr:

I tell my patients two weeks before resuming heat, and that is really just to try and keep the swelling down. And then I have them begin massage as they can tolerate it, starting at first with the palm of their hand and eventually graduating to a rolling pin or a massage therapist. Most Lipo starts off a bit lumpy and bumpy at first and I feel that massage really helps.

John J. Corey, MD
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Liposuction recovery

If you are only having abdominal liposuction, you can probably get back to your regular routine in a week, including exercise. You need to hydrate well. You should definitely check with your surgeon to determine what she/he thinks is necessary for your recovery.

Michele A. Shermak, MD
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Returned to Activities after Liposuction Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

Your plastic surgeon will be guiding you in regards to post operative recovery and activities. The timetable to return to these activities will depend on how you are doing after surgery. For example, if incision lines are healing nicely and you appear to be well hydrated etc. your return to these activities may be a matter of a couple of weeks.  if you are not doing well for one reason or another additional time may be necessary.

Be especially careful with the Bikram  yoga;  as you know, this can be severely dehydrating  and potentially dangerous for a patient who has undergone surgery ( with blood loss and fluid shifts).

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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How Long After Lipo Procedure Can I Go Back to Sauna / Bikram Yoga?

I think the sauna after 10-12 das is likely OK but the positioning for Yoga might be difficult and something I would avoid for 3-4 weeks  in order to allow the abdomen to heal well.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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When to hot tub it and do bikram yoga after liposuction

Ultimately, you will need to ask your doctor what his/her recommendations are for these activities as he/she will be performing your surgery. For my patients, I usually recommend waiting 3 - 4 weeks for these activities.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Sauna and liposuction

I usually ahve my patients avoid bath tubs and suanas for a few weeks after a liposuction.  This may increase swelling and in general saunas in my opinion are not  the cleanest.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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