3 months post op ThermiTight, do I have permanent damage to my facial nerve?

I am now 3 months post-under-chin thermitight procedure. My Lower lip still droops when eating and talking with numbness. What should I expect. My doctor feels it will return to normal.

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ThermiTight and Ultherapy facial tightening and nerve weakness

ThermiTight and other treatments, such as Ultherapy, can deliver deep energy to tighten the facial tissues and help raise sagging skin. A risk of these procedures, including facelifts, is nerve irritation which can cause weakness which, if occurs, tends to be temporary, around two weeks for the majority of cases, but somewhat longer for others. The improvement may be gradual and slow over many months for some.  Permanency is not expected from such nerve weakness.

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3 months after ThermiTight with nerve injury

Nerves can be interrupted at times when performing almost any procedure, including ThermiTight. However this doesn’t mean permanent damage. When any type of nerve injury happens, a short course of steroids can expedite the healing process. You should see a gradual return to function. Make sure you are consistently following up with your physician so they can monitor your progress.

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