During Liposuction, how do they accurately measure the amount of fat removed? (photos)

I'm looking to have a BBL done in Florida in the near future. I have a larger tummy, and my back side is like a board! My bum needs every ounce of fat it can get, so I am concerned about the state having a limit of only four liters of fat removed at one time. How is the fat accurately measured, when it is coming out with all that tumescent fluid and whatever else is being sucked out with it? Thank you. (Photo)

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The extracted fat is collected in cannisters.  The fat and fluids are filtered so that the fatty tissue can be separated for use and measured.  When you meet with your surgeon for your consultation he/she can provide you with more details. Best of luck!

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During Liposuction, how do they accurately measure the amount of fat removed?

Hello mizamy13 - Thanks for your question. In short, the answer is that the fat measurement is only an estimation. You can let it settle in the harvest containers and it will separate into fat and fluid.  The fat can be further spun in a centrifuge to separate out other parts as well.  This gives the closest to an accurate amount of fat harvested. As long as your surgeon can get at least 600cc's injected in each buttock, the liposuction shaping will help result in a more curvy bottom for you. But to be guaranteed a particular amount of augmentation, you might want to consider silicone buttock implants as well. Consult with a buttocks enhancement specialist in your area for more information.  Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Measuring fat extraction

As the fat/local/blood is extracted, it goes into a collection bottle/canister. The different components all have different densities so they begin to separate out - very much like oil and vinegar. While this separation continues for 20-30 minutes after completion, that extra change in the ratios is small so the surgeon has quite a good idea where this will settle out (within 100-200 cc typically) by the time the fat needs to be removed from the container(s) for separation.

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During Liposuction, how do they accurately measure the amount of fat removed?

The collection containers are usually marked in cc's. But in Florda limited to a TOTAL of 4 liters fat ONLY.

Liposuction - measurement of removed fat

Thank you for asking about your BBL.
  • If four liters are removed  with liposuction, your surgeon have two liters of fat to work with.
  • Injecting too much fat makes your result worse because the fat cannot pick up a new oxygen supply.
  • In fact, some surgeons suggest injecting only 250 cc of fat in each cheek.
  • So there will be plenty of fat for your surgeon to work with.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

During Liposuction, how do they accurately measure the amount of fat removed?

The fat/tumescent mixture is run through a filtration system that separates the fat from the fluid. After this takes place, an accurate measure of just fat removed can be taken. 

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