Hip and Leg Pain After Tummy Tuck

I am 3 weeks today from my tummy tuck. 3 nights ago my hip started hurting when I put my leg strait. if anything rests on that portion of my leg I get a sharp constent tug that runs from my hip to mid way down my leg. I was almost walking normal now Im hobbling and upset because I thought I was home free. to top it off Im unable to really use the girdle because of my hip aches. my doctor says its a nerve. when will this heal and is there something I can do to speed the process up?

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Pain in hip and thigh after tummy tuck

I would likely trust the advice of your surgeon.  It could be due to a variety of causes such as meralgia paresthetica.

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Pain in hip and down leg after tummy tukc

The paion you are experiencing could  be normal as the nerves are "awakening" and the tissues  are being stretched. Or it could be something else..speak to your surgeon.

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