What to Do with Excess Skin After Hernia Repair?

I had a major hernia surgery in 10/08. I had 3 major hernias and multiple minor hernias in scar tissue. My surgeon said, "You had the cadilac of all hernia surgeries." That was fine, but now I have this huge mass of sagging stomach skin. I don't feel it's "cosmetic surgery" to get this removed. I cannot wear my clothes because of this extra skin. When my hernias were fixed, the doctor did tighten the top of my abdomen, but left the big sagging mess. What should I do? Is there any hope for me that insurance will pay for this?

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Excess skin after hernia repair

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Although I am not sure why you have had the problems you have had, you can of course have your implants removed. Without seeing you it is difficult for me to tell you what you might look like afterward. It is highly probable that the problems you are having are not related to the implants, but it is your body.

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How to get rid of excess skin after a hernia repair

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Excess skin after a hernia can be removed with either a tummy tuck, a panniculectomy, or reverse abdominoplasty. Whatever procedure is required depends on how much skin is remaining and where it is. The unfortunate thing is that insurance will most likely deny paying for anything because it will be considered cosmetic. However, it may be worth a try. Have your plastic surgeon send in a letter and pictures to support your case. If it's still denied, you could explore financing options or check our your local plastic surgery residency office...their cosmetic prices are usually the lowest in town.

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