Had a double mastectomy so I going from nothing. Could you tell me what a 550cc implant under the pectoral would make me?(photo)

I have 280 cc's in the expanders at the time of this picture. I am a 46 yrs old 5'10 and i am currently 205lbs (trying to loose about 35z40 more pounds was a 40d before the surgery. 

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Breast reconstruction question

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Hi Kathleen,

Congratulations on getting through your mastectomy and being cancer free!  The expansion process is a frustrating time, but it is much easier if you use your surgeon to help you navigate it.  These are good questions to ask at the time of your expansions-- my patients and I are constantly evaluating how far we have come, and discussing with each other what the optimal end result will be.  A 550cc implant looks different in different patients, depending upon the thickness of the mastectomy flap, the profile of the implant, the width of the breast, etc.  A general rule of thumb, is that each ~200cc is equal to a cup size.  From your photo, 280cc's places you probably in a AA-A range (tough to say, because due to the expander shape, that volume wouldn't be distributed into the cup of the bra).  I'd suggest that a 550cc implant might give you a breast in the B to B+ range, but losing more weight might change this and make the implants appear larger relative you your frame.  Talk to your surgeon about your sizing concerns and discuss your implant options (also please have them evaluate that scabbed area over the right breast tissue expander).  We usually use fat grafting to shape and contour the tissues of the upper breast and this further improves the breast shape.  As you progress further through the expansion phase, the plan should become more clear.  Hope this helps!

Best wishes,
Erik Hoy, M.D.
Rhode Island Plastic Surgeon

Warwick Plastic Surgeon

Selecting an implant size

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If I understand you correctly you would like to know what cup size would be created by placement of 550cc implants. It's difficult to say. When you are selecting an implant size with your surgeon, it's important to consider the width of each 'breast' and the skin characteristics - for example, has the tissue expansion process created sufficient skin laxity to accommodate a high profile implant? These two considerations will guide you in your selection of the implant diameter, implant projection and thus size.

What is perhaps more important than overall implant and breast mound size is the final shape. I would consider doing some liposuction in the lateral chest area to help define the lateral border of the breast. The fat can then be grafted in to the central breast area, over top of the implant, to enhance shape and projection. Along with management of the infra-mammary fold, these changes will help with bra fitting. Good luck.

Owen Reid, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Implant volume

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It is difficult to say what a 550 cc implant will approximately get you to. What you can do is increase your expander volume to a desired volume you like, try on a bra that approximates the volume filled and then you can see what cup you are.  This is not an exact science, and each bra might be a bit different.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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