When Can I Return to My Normal Skin Care Routine After CO2 Laser Resurfacing? (photo)

I need to know when I can start my normal skin routine after co2 laser resurfacing!! I use proactive and i am not sure if it will affect my healing process i am in such a depressed mood because of these breakouts....... how do i view answers or even see if anyone has answered my questions

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Returning to regular skin routine after C02 laser

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Dear Patient,

It is best to seek your care-taker's advice in regard to returning to your normal skin care regiment after laser therapy. After your follow-up evaluation, they will guide you appropriately. In general, when your skin returns to its normal condition, you can return to your usual routine. That means that when peeling, redness and swelling resolves. If you are experiencing acne breakouts after CO2 laser, that can happen and can rapidly be addressed with various medications. You should contact your laser surgeon to get assistance with acne care. Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist

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