What Would Help Sagging Uneven Breasts?

I am 47 year's old, my breasts are 36 DD. I did not know they were uneven in size until seeing this picture. They are looking South. I am having a lower body lift and I am wandering about how to fix my breasts. I would appreciate any advice.

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Breast Lift


I am also not able to see the pictures. It does, however, sound like best treatment for you is a mild reduction and major lift to even out the breasts and get them higher on the chest wall.



D. Medalie, MD

Breasts drooping

I would agree that most patients would require a lift and reduction. Most of the time the uneveness can be greatly improved.

Breast lifts

Your photos didn't come through on my computer, but from the sound of it and from the fact that lower body lift/weight loss patients have lax, loose breasts, a breast lift with maybe some reduction would be the answer for you.

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