Facial Radio Frequency has dissolved my cheeks fat. What should I do?

Can somebody please help,6 months ago I had 4 sessions of Radio Frequency under my eyes and cheeks and I have now what seem fat loss , my eyes are very hollow and the fat on the top of my cheeks are now non-existent, I also have strange indentations and texture all over that area. Can someone please tell me if this is normal and how long would this last ? I am very worried, it seem to get worse with time and make me look 15 years older . Help! I am only 32.

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Radiofrequency on the face

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Using radiofrequency devices on the face can result in many different complications. These devices are being used to melt fat in other areas of the body and under the neck etc and so the user of the device needs to understand this and be very careful when they try to tighten skin in the face with these devices. There are much better devices on the market for this that build collagen rather than melt fat. A board certified dermatologist skilled in the use of fillers and lasers can usually help with loss of fat or other complications after lasers.

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