Heavy Sagging Breasts (38DDD)

Hi I have size 38DDD heavy sagging breasts. I am 36 years old have one child and my breasts started sagging at age 13 when I went into a C cup. My breasts stayed at a C until I was 19 then went to a D then stayed at a D until I was 27 then went to a DD. I recently went from 110-155 and my breasts are now a DDD.I am now dieting to get back down. I want to get a breast lift and reduction but do not want to sag again. What size do you recommend I reduce to so they will not be heavy and sag again?

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You Would Benefit From Breast Reduction Surgery

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         Your pictures indicate that you would definitely benefit from breast reduction surgery. This procedure would alleviate many of your symptoms and have long term health benefits as well.


         The procedure would not only reduce your breast size, but also lift your breasts into a normal position. Unfortunately, the procedure can’t stop the recurrence of breast sag. Gravity continues to exert downward pressure on the breast and some recurrent sag is inevitable over time. When breasts are reduced to smaller sizes this phenomenon is less severe.


         It’s difficult recommending a specific cup size for several reasons. Cup size tends to mean different things to different people and is a frequent source of confusion. It’s more important to have breasts that fit your body then breasts of a specific size. In other words, your breasts should have harmony, balance and proportion with the surrounding structures.


         You’re definitely a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. It’s important that you consult a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss these issues in detail. This surgeon should be able to help you formulate a plan that’s appropriate for you.

Breast reduction

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From your picture I would estimate removing at least 750 gms on each side for a total reduction greater than 1500 gms.  Make sure you are finished with your family before undertaking this operation.  That should fit your body and understand that the exact amount will only be decided on the operating table.

All the best,

Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee

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that your breasts will not sag again.  Much depends not only on weight shifts, pregnancy, skin damage from environmental factors such as sun, smoking and so on.  Also, your own genetic inheritance plays a role.  So control the things that you can, such as weight and pregnancy, smoking and so forth,  and do get the vertical reduction (hall-findlay) which 'ages' better.  While we are discussing aging, remember that your breasts, as well as your body and face will continue to age, so there are no real 'permanent' face lifts, tummy tucks or breast reductions.  It is more a question of how many years can you get out of your surgery, and what you are willing to tolerate at age 50, or 70 or so on.  In the meantime, having that weight off of your neck and shoulders will definitely be a relief, and allow you to enjoy your life more fully!  All of my breast reduction patients only wish they had done it sooner.

Eleanor J. Barone, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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Breast hypertrophy and sagging

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You definitely need a breast reduction.  Judging from your photo, I would put your size at larger than EEE.  I would recommend that you have them reduced to a D cup.  It is going to be important that you control your weight.  I am sure that going from 110-155 pounds impacted your breast size substantially.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations we do. Relief of neck, back, and shoulder discomfort is often instantaneous. Patients report fewer problems with postural changes immediately.

Your plan to lose weight prior to surgery is a good one. Maintaining a stable weight will minimize the chances that you will require further surgery in the future.

Regarding final breast communicate your goals with your surgeon carefully (often times pictures are helpful during this communication process)– breast cup size can be somewhat arbitrary depending on who makes the bra. It is important  to achieve a breast size that maintains the proportions between your upper and lower body. Improvement of breast asymmetry should also be a goal in your case.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Vertical technique prevents sagging after breast reduction.

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1)  You will be SO happy after a good breast reduction.  A "C cup" size would be good to aim for after correcting for your asymmetry.

2)  But it is not the final size that determines whether you get sagging after wards or not.  The technique is all important.  You want a vertical (Hall-Findlay) breast reduction.  This operation re-shapes and lifts your breasts INTERNALLY and so gives you good long term shape.

3)  Other operations rely on tightening the skin to lift the breasts.  But skin stretches and so the breasts sag again.

4)  We usually do the vertical breast reduction with just a lollipop scar, but you have much too much sagging for that scar.  You need the vertical operation on the inside, but with an "upside down T" scar.  Women like you are so happy with their new size and shape that they really don't care about the scars (which fade a lot anyway).

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Heavy Sagging Breasts (38DDD)

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A review of your photograph reveals very large breasts with large nipple areolar complexes. I recommend that you see a board certified Plastic Surgeon for evaluation and surgical reduction of these breasts.  I would estimate removal of 750 – 1000 grams per breast.  The procedure should relieve your symptoms and make you feel better.

Breast reduction in very large breasts

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unless i am badly mistaken, you are MUCH larger than the leters you put down. breast reduction in this size range is a formidable operation with real risks,  major scars and a prolonged recuperation. Aftyre a few consultation for traditional reduction, i think you might agree. It is certainly not ideal but look into the liposuction only....Scarless reduction. Simple, quick and will get that enormopus weight off your shoulders with much less risk.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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