Healing Post BBL Surgery..Does DMSO Melt Silicon Gel Breast Implants?

Hi! I am 10 wks post bbl..and have lumps and swelling, particulary on the stomach. I have been having once weekly lymphatic massage with machines,etc. For the past 2 wks I have used DMSO 90% strength.. safe reputable quality..and the resolving in swelling has been great. I had silcone gel breast implants 15 yrs ago which are problem free and suddenly worried...am I damaging/melting them? How long can I keep using DMSO and what % and times per day should I apply? Appreciate yr help here!!

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Using DMSO after BBL

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I recommend stopping the DMSO. It should not have any effect on your breast implants, but is probably doing little for you swelling at this point. Speak to your surgeon.

DMSO Does Not Melt Breast Implants

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I can speak for the merits of DMSO for swelling and inflammation but there is no known negative effects on indwelling silicone breast implants. At the least, DMSO is certainly not going to melt or dissolve the implants.

DMSO and Breast Implants

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                This effect is not known.  This drug is approved for use with intersitital cystitis in the US, but I do not know about approvals in other countries.  This product does reduce swelling, but it also has side effects.  I would say stop using the product if you have implants.

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