Hard Lumps in Breast a Month After Reduction. What to Do?

In my left breast there is a fairly large hard lump in my right one there is one a size as quarter. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about to just massage. My question is do have to get it surgery to get it out or can I just keep massaging & it be fine being there. The whole surgery process was very tough for me. & I don't really want to go through it again.

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Hard lumps in breast following breast reduction.

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Thanks very much for your questions.  Without performing a physical exam it would be tough to know for certain, however, it sounds like you have scar tissue in the area following the surgery.  The scar tissue will usually resolve on it's own.  If the scar tissue results in "fat necrosis" or poor vascular supply to the breast tissue, then it may be something that could remain for a longer period of time.  I hope this helps to make things somewhat more clear.

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Breast Lumps In the Early PostOP Period After Breast Reduction

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Early in the post operative period it is most likely any lump you feel is secondary to a benign cause. There is the very slight chance that something that was not palpable pre-operatively secondary to the very large size of a woman's breasts, has now become palpable as the overall size of the breast has been reduced.

The most likely reason for the lumps is either scar tissue or fat necrosis. Some of the fatty tissue of the breast can die (necrose) after breast reduction surgery b/c the blood supply to it becomes compromised after excising large amounts of tissue. Both of these things usually resolve with time on their own.

You should just be sure that you are evaluated by your PS.

Hard lumps after breast reduction will resolve

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Jassydesiree26: Sorry to hear about your experience.  The goals of breast reduction are legion: to surgically remove excess breast tissue, skin, reposition & downsize the nipple-areolar complex to a more pleasing position while conserving the patient's ability to breast feed and maintain erogenous sensation around the nipples.  It is a procedure which involves keeping blood and nerve supply and a patient's forebearance.   Sometimes the fat blood supply gets compromised and the fat firms up, producing a palpable lump. Confirm this with your PS.  If it is fat necrosis, your body will eventually break it down.  Good luck:)

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Lumps in breast after reduction

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 A lump early post-op usually represents fluid, or fat necrosis. This is best evaluated in person by your doctor to make sure that this is all that is suspected.

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1 Month after Breast Reduction with Lumps

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     It may be reasonable to expect these lumps to improve or soften with time as you are still early in the healing process. As scars mature, they soften.  This process may take several months.   

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