I Am a 32G/H, What Size Would I Be if 500 Grams Was Taken? (photo)

I am 24 years old, mother of two kids, done breast feeding and done having children. I have struggled with large breasts my entire life since puberty. I am 140lbs, 5'8 with 32G/H's for breast. I have gone to the chiropractor and have documentation, all I need to do is jump through the "hoops" of my insurance company. I need to know what size I would be if they require the 500 grams (that you all say they might require) to be taken out of each breast. Thank you.

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I Am a 32G/H, What Size Would I Be if 500 Grams Was Taken?

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You either do not understand the requirements of your health insurance company or your surgeon did not explain to your understanding. It is a minim of 500 grams per side that needs to be removed for coverage. In your case if you are a size H than ONLY the removal of 500 gms per side would reduction you a very small amount maybe to an F size. Pleaase see your surgeon in person to discuss. 

Size after breast reduction

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If you are a G/H cup, 500 grams will not make you too small and probably would leave you with a D cup. Anything less will be insufficient. In your age group, I recommend aiming for a C cup so that subsequent weight gain will not leave you with symptomatic problems of neck, shoulder and back pain.

Cup size after 500 gm removal

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It is difficult to predict what your exact cup size would be or whether in fact you will have a decent size breast remaining without an exam.  Cup size is hard to predict, because each bra manufacturer creates different bra cups differently.

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500 grams for breast reduction

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    Some insurance companies require 350 g, some 500 g, some based upon weight and height.  The density of your breast tissue is a factor in how much the specimen weighs.  Also, cup size is so inexact for this.  In general, at a 32 G, you should be able to get at least 500 g from each breast and still be a D.

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