What Happens to Your Butt when Butt Implants Are Removed or Replaced?

I have heard that when you remove butt implants or each time you replace them the skin will be stretched from having them in so it will appear saggier. is this true? also, do you have to work out at the gym regularly once you have the implants? i have heard this also.

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Appearance after removing Buttock Implants

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Very good question that I hear frequently from perspective patients.  Many times there is actually very little to no sagging after removal of buttock implants. Situations where sagging is more likely is when the patient has had relatively large implants placed on top of, instead of under, the gluteus maximus muscle, the patient has had them in for more than five years, and the patient is over 50 years old.

As far as the need to workout, exercise is always a good part of any healthy lifestyle but it is not absolutely necessary after having buttock implants put in.  Best of luck...RAS

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