Butt Is Deformed After Removing Butt Implants, What Can I Do To Correct This?

had butt implants about 3 years ago right said was higher up so my doctor said i had 2 put smaller implants in when i woke up from 2nd sugery he said he put smaller implant on my right side and had to reinsert bigger on my left side then i had pain on left side and he said i had 2 get implants completley removed i did and still i was left with a higher right said he had no answer why another surgeon said i needed to do fat transfer did that and right side the fat moved up and left droped

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Buttock deformity post implants.

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First, I would recommend for you to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who is exeperienced in butt augmentation. Without seeing pictures it is hard to tell what exactly you need done. It sounds as though you may be a candidate for a brazilian butt lift. This procedure would shape your figure and add volume to your butt. Best of luck.

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Butt implants

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There are many reasons the buttock still has some deformity after Buttock implant removal. I assume the reason for removal that suddenly was INFECTION.

The question is was there infection and how bad? Was there any fat necrosis?

Was the implant capsule removed? If not that space may be still open and not scarred down. That will make the fat transfer fail to a certain degree.

Consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery)

Samir Shureih, MD
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Persistent deformity following buttock enhancement

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Sounds as though you have been through a lot trying to enhance your buttock and unfortunately have some persistent deformity.  Because so many different things have been done or attempted to fix the problem, a photo of your current buttock anatomy would be very helpful before giving any really valuable advice.  You may send direct to my office if you prefer.  Best of Luck...Ryan A. Stanton, M.D.

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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Buttock deformity after implant removal

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It seems as though you have had multiple complications from buttock implants which have not been corrected with fat injections. Photos are a must for best recommendations. Nevertheless, a buttock lift with auto prosthesis augmentation is often a good option. The buttock is lifted and your own tissue is used to increase volume.

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