Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

I had a hair transplant of about 2,600 follicular unit extraction (FUE) grafts Nov 08. New hair is now visible in the frontal area, but it is sparse and I'm unhappy with the looks. Though most of the grafts were put in the frontal area of head, I had quite a few in the vertex area too, where so far I haven't seen any growth or changes. I'm now near the 6th month after surgery. What can I expect from this point on? What are my chances of having further improvement? Thanks!

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Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

Thank you for your question. Surgical hair restoration transfers your own hair follicles from a donor site to a recipient site. Following the hair transplant procedure, the transplanted hairs 'fall out' in most cases by 2-3 weeks. Note that although the hair shafts are not present at this point, the hair follicle itself remains intact. New hair growth is not evident until about 3-4 months. Final results are visible by 12-18 months.

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It's hard to wait.........

The hardest part of this procedure is the waiting.  What you are most likely noticing is that you see some hair, but you are disappointed with the overall fullness.  You have probably seen pictures of people who have a full head of hair 6 months after a transplant and wondering why this is not the case for you.  When you feel your head you might feel short hairs that are not yet growing.   Although you have seen some growth, it can take longer than a year for many of the transplanted hairs to grow.  The initial growth might be a thin, wispy hair despite the fact that the follicle was taken from a site where the hairs were thicker.   Don't despair.  It does get better.  However it could, as some have commented before me, take another 6-12 months of waiting.  I advise my patients of this because this has been my experience as a surgeon and as a patient.  As an aside, there has been some reports of enhanced  growth by injecting PRP into the scalp.  Perhaps it might be proven to stimulate the growth of transplanted follicles.  You might want to get an opinion about that from your hair transplant surgeon.

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6 Months Post Surgery

At this point, your best bet is to continue following post-surgery instructions and keep in close touch with your surgeon.  Generally, it can take up to 12-18 months to see final results.

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What is average Hair growth after hair transplanting

The hair that is implanted goes through its intrinsic cycle of growth. The growth starts after three months and Usually it will take up to one year, but it may vary for each person. after hair transplant surgery, the hair has to go through its normal cycle of growth. Each hair follicle has its own cycle.   Depending on the it's position in its cycle, once implanted it will go through its cycle and therefore grows in accordingly.  So normally gradually the hair starts to grow in.  Around six months, about fifty percent of the hair would grow in, and continue to grow to up to 18 months after the procedure.  As it is starting to come in there is a stage when the hair growth looks kind of awkward, at that stage you just have to be patient.

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Hair Growth After Hair Transplant. #NeoGraft #results

Thank you for your question!  Hair growth after transplantation requires patience.  It may be that even at the 6 month post operative point, the appearance of the result is not what you expected.  There are some patients that take longer to see results and is the reason why so many of the transplant surgeons stress waiting a good year before arriving at any conclusions as to the success of your procedure. 

Hair Regrowth After Restoration Takes Time

After surgical hair restoration, 6 months is far too early to judge final results. You're about a third of the way there. Final results are achieved by 18 months. That is the proper time to decide how successful you  procedure was. It's also the ideal amount of time I indicate patients must wait before proceeding with a 2nd transplant procedure to increase density. -Randolph Capone, MD, FACS

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Hair transplant growth timeline

There are several phases to hair growth

  1. Dormant period (0-4 months):  The transplanted hairs shed their original hairs.  Typically no hair growth is seen at this time.
  2. Emergent period ( 4-8 months):  The new hairs gradually appear. For most patients 80% of the hairs emerge by 8 months.  Crown hairs can be the slowest to appear.  These new hairs will often be fine.
  3. Maturation (8-12 months):  The new hairs thicken.  Frizzy haired patients may have frizzier hair for a few months.  

Hair regrowth

All hair grows in cycles and the longest cycle is the dormant (telogen) phase.

All hairs go thru a 'shock' phase and are lost after transplant -- or nearly all.

Beyond that, the regrowth happens according to the individual hair follicle's normal growth phase. It can take up to 12-18 months for the 'normal' growth cycle to be re-established, though, with most of it happening within 9-12 months.

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Expect 6 Months

Generally it takes up to 6 months for the hair to start to grow but full results may not be seen until around 12 months. In a small percentage of people this could be up to 18 months

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How Long Does Hair Growth Take After a Hair Transplant

New hair growth will only break through the skin at three to four months after the procedure. However, it will take at least six to eight months for the new hair to make any significant cosmetic difference to your appearance.
Although a full result may take as long as 18 months to be achieved, most will attain this at 12 to 14 months. Sometimes, a result may take longer to show when working with scars or filling in a previously transplanted area.
I usually take the first post op review around 8 months, and explain that this is phase 1, and review again for a near full result at 1 year. There are many factors that can make the growth come sooner or much later, and patience is extremely important!

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