My Hair is Growing Back Very Thin and Fine After Chemo, is There Anything I Can Do?

to get it thicker, or will it eventually come in? What type of doctor should I go to?

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Hair regrowth after chemotherapy.

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Hair regrowth  after chemotherapy is often with fine baby hair and changes texture over time. This will normally go back to the original texture and there is nothing to do to make it faster.

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Hair Loss Concealers

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In this case, you need to be patient for your hair to return to its original texture and thickness. Following surgery, shock loss of hair is common; with chemotherapy, your body went through an undue amount of stress. Your body needs time to heal to regrow your hair to its condition prior to chemo. In the meantime, you may want to look into hair concealers and thickening agents. Also consult your oncologist about the use of minoxidil in your situation. However, discuss use of any with your doctor first.


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